What A Way To Spend An Evening

8 Sep

I’m back! (Sort of.) Have you missed me? Whether you did (or didn’t), now that I’ve broken the silence, you are probably wondering what happened to me since last week.

Well there was some family happenings, a long holiday weekend traveling, several orientations (for everyone’s new school years), a new family schedule started and very very little down time (which is when I usually try to squeeze my blog post writing into).

Tonight for instance, it’s almost 11 PM and I just got off work. Granted I work from home, but I still seemed to have missed everyone. I heard (through the wall) my husband read bedtime stories to the girls and then get them ready for bed. Then he lovinly put them to bed (because he knew I had to work and probably thought that’s what I wanted, even though I was actually expecting a knock to say they were ready and was planning on coming out to help). Of course that meant no goodnights from the girls, hugs or kisses. And now, as I finally emerge from my office (ok, more like computer corner in a semi-secluded area of our house) I’ve come to find that my husband is already in bed (understandably as he has to be up really early tomorrow for his first day of school, yet still it caught me off guard) and everything is quiet. Puddle of sadness am I!

This might be the new “normal” for our family though as my husband is going back to school (full-time) and on top of needing time to study (of which I then will be hanging with the girls), I will be trying to squeeze in a 30 hour work week. Which translates into a couple hours on Sunday and at least 2 weeknights full of work. Man oh man, are we in for some interesting times in our household!

So you may hear from me a lot less in the coming months, but know all is well, just super busy. I’ll still try to get a post up each week (fingers crossed), but i might have bitten off more than I can chew. We’ll see. (Because my planning self has a budgeted time schedule, but knowing whether it’s sustainable for our family will be the thing to watch).

Oh, and on a more happy and exciting note … we’re finally announcing that we are pregnant with Baby Spencer Three! Estimated due date is March 30, 2011. (a picture may follow when I’m posting again from an actual computer and not my iPod Touch.) But now I need to go to bed – I’m wiped out!

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