There are Changes Afoot

22 Dec

So much for my much desired “one blog post a week”. It’s been several months and nothing. But I haven’t forgotten you all out there waiting to see what I will write next. I will honestly admit that I did end up biting off just a bit more than could be handled well and blogging had to take a back seat. (Although you may have seen me commenting on all your lovely blogs.)

Now a new year is just around the corner and there are changes afoot. Hopefully that will mean more writing, more sharing and hopefully more steady posting from me. Here’s what I (and my family, as family affects everything) has been up to:

  • Husband went back to school full-time (which includes an hour commute to/from school) for another Masters and is enjoying it immensely. Although that does mean a lot of studying and a lot of time out of the home (as to be expected).
  • Eldest daughter started a co-op Preschool which she loves (but does require some co-op parent participation).
  • Younger daughter is in a “Mommy Do” phase, where everything must be done by Mommy (or the “I do” phase, which usually means she tries to do it and then I aid her in accomplishing it or fixing/cleaning/finishing what she started).
  • I have been squeezing in working hours at every other possible moment, when not caring for (and playing with) my two kiddos, including some weekend hours.
  • I attended a week long conference on Cloud Computing, which was very informative and lots of fun, but it may all soon be irrelevant to me for work. See more on that change below.
  • I have made significant progress on some projects I’ve been meaning to finish for years (scrapbooks for my daughters and an edited video of my younger daughter’s first year) and hopefully it will all be done soon, especially as Baby Spencer Three is on her way.
  • As I mentioned in my last post, I’m pregnant. Our pregnancy has been progressing smoothly and I’m now 6 months pregnant with our third daughter. (Yep, you heard that right, three girls. Wait until those adolescent years!) For a long time I was waiting to get that second trimester “spurt of energy”. But I think instead I just got a second trimester “not totally exhausted spurt”. So there’s been a lot of (attempts at) sleeping and resting thrown into the mix.
  • And last but not least, the biggest change happening in the new year (not counting the birth of our third daughter in a couple of months) is the company that I was contracting for did not get their sales contract renewed and so I am back out looking for a new contract, some new clients and/or a entirely new situation starting January 1st. This will make things very interesting in our household as I was/am/will continue to be the sole breadwinner in our family. I have a couple warm leads for work, some home business ideas and some possible certifications I can try to attain, but as of now nothing is really coming to the forefront.

In all of the busyness of the last couple months, I think our family did pretty good at adjusting with our new schedule – taking out things as necessary, cutting back where it was just too much and balancing what was most important. And now, as you can see, there are some big changes coming in 2011. Surprisingly, since I love to plan and be in control, I don’t have any anxiety about the future. Instead I have faith that God will bring about just the right opportunity at just the right time and I intend to enjoy this season of time with my family and a nice side effect is that hopefully I will be posting here more regularly.

So, leave me a comment as I would love to hear from you all and hopefully my months of silence hasn’t lost all my faithful readers. 🙂

Oh and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all, from my family to you and yours!!

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