Organizing Excuses

23 Feb

Sometimes we have reasons for why we can’t accomplish the organizing, decluttering and cleaning up goals we set for ourselves and need to get done… and sometimes those reasons are just excuses because we don’t know how or where to start (or don’t really want to start). That’s where a Professional Organizer can really help “jump start” your organizing project. See this great post (below) from a seasoned Professional Organizer on Excuses on why her clients are  not organized. And you can contact me if you need that “jump start” or locate someone local to you through NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).

Here is is a great post done by Amanda Kuzak of Kuzak’s Closet on excuses she hears as a Professional Organizer. You may find yourself relating to many of them. If you’d like to read her post at her blog, check it out here.

Excuses, excuses!  As a Professional Organizer I hear them all!  Well, in my mind excuses are just that…excuses.  These are the top 10 excuses I heard from actual clients last week regarding why they can’t get organized and clear out the clutter, can you relate? I am including my responses to these excuses to inspire you to conquer your inner organizing demons and get to work!


I’m not organized because…

Excuse:  I don’t have time!

Answer:  Yes you do, you just have to make the time!

(My additional comment: Also just think of the time you’re currently losing by not being organized. It’s a viscous cycle that you know you want to get out of.)

Excuse: I don’t know where to start?

Answer:  I always tell my clients to start in the room that needs the least amount of work so you have a “staging area” for the rest of the rooms.  From that starting point, move counter clockwise or clockwise throughout the house so you aren’t bouncing from room to room.

(Additional tip from me: When you’re doing your sorting for what you’re going to keep, trash or donate/sell – use large clear plastic bins with lids. That way if you have to stop midway through a room you can easily close the boxes and stack them to the side until you’re ready to start again.)

Excuse: I wasn’t feeling well.

Answer: Getting organized gives some people anxiety, once we get started that uncomfortable feeling will go away.  If it is something more serious, take some time get healthy and set an appointment on your calendar to get started another day.

Excuse:  It’s depressing to go through my old stuff.

Answer:  Why let the things that give you bad memories hog valuable storage space in your home?

Excuse: I get frustrated when I see all of the money I have wasted…

Answer:  It is important to learn from your mistakes!  Don’t dwell on what you have wasted money on, get excited about getting control of your home and knowing what you have so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Excuse: My dog died.

Answer: Wow, I am so sorry for your loss!  Take a few days off and get back into your routine.  Staying busy and getting organized is a productive way to grieve and stay positive.

Excuse: I can’t afford it, the shelving options and tools are too expensive.

Answer: Working with a Professional Organizer is 3 to 4 times as effective as getting organizing on your own.  There is so much value in having someone keep you on task, give you professional advice on what to keep, and suggest storage solutions that you already have (FREE) or that are affordable.

(Comment from me: Totally ditto the above!! Organizing doesn’t mean you have to go on a shopping spree, you probably have most of the “solutions” already in your house… but sometimes it’s hard to “see” it without the eyes of a Professional Organizer.)

Excuse:  My parents were unorganized, it’s genetic!

Answer: Being organized is a habit, not genetic.  Once you clear out the clutter it is important to set a maintenance schedule to keep you on track.  Practice makes perfect!

(Another comment from me: Ha lol, you don’t want to see what my parents house looks like. Organization is not neatness, but it is a habit that needs to be honed and will eventually lead to you achieving YOUR optimal level of organization and efficiency.)

Excuse:  I can’t get rid of it, someone gave it to me.

Answer:  I don’t care if it was a gift from the Pope, if you don’t love it or need it right now give it away!

Excuse:  It was on sale.

Answer: I don’t care if it was free, if you don’t love it or need it right now give it away!

Thank you Amanda for letting me share your post. And now put away the excuses everyone and start organizing!

2 Responses to “Organizing Excuses”

  1. Amanda Kuzak February 26, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Thanks for sharing my post! I just got home from working with 2 new clients and they had lots of excuses too, “I don’t have time” was the most popular one today.

    • Gilda Spencer March 2, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

      For a lot of people organizing feels like it has to be a all-at-once kind of deal or none-at-all. Instead it’s more of a process. An analogy is the classic “How do you eat an elephant?”… the answer: “One bite at a time.”

      “I don’t have time” to do things we want to do or more often than not things we don’t want to do (but should do) is a common excuse for many things. Instead it’s more a result of prioritizing and then putting it in your schedule (like any other important appointment) and getting to it. Of course for every thing you do, there is probably something that you probably can’t do, especially if you’ve bought into the “fill your life up to the maximum at all times” mentality that is rampant these days (for adults, teens and even kids).

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