A New Year, A New Business

30 Mar

This year I’m diving into (ok, maybe wading slowly into) a new business, Professional Organizing. I’ve always been very good at getting things “cleaned up”, organized and into systems. But I’ve mostly done it for myself, at work or occasionally family. (Even my preschool teacher said I was always very precise in putting toys away.) This year, with all the changes going on with our family and with my other consulting work, I’ve decided to take a real tangible step (beyond the researching and planning stages) in the direction of starting this business.

What is a Professional Organizer?

Professional Organizers use their skills and experience to help clients find the right organizing system, teach organizing skills, and them where they want to be organizationally in their lives. If you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish I could just get a handle on this mess” or “I just don’t know how what to do with insert your most problematic space in your house or office“, then a Professional Organizer can help you.

Services that Professional Organizers offer range from de-cluttering an overfilled closet, room-by-room space planning and reorganization, setting up paper files or computer file systems and coaching on time and task management. They ask the right questions to understand what you want and need. They’re able to customize an organizational system specifically for you. They can teach you basic organizational skills and walk with you through the process of decluttering, organizing and maintaining. They can visual your space in a new way and help you to see the big picture. And they can help you break down your organizing goals into small do-able pieces.

What brought about this step?

As I mentioned above, my family is going through some changes. The biggest is that we’re having our third child. Also with my husband in full time school and two other preschoolers running about, a lot of traditional work positions are not workable options for me. Second, in my other consulting work (Web Design and Project Management), the company who I did all my business since my first daughter was born four years ago is going through some restructuring and trying to land some new contracts, so my incoming work stream is currently very light (well non-existent truth to be told). It’s forced me to take a break (which is nice being at the end of my pregnancy) and also made me look more deeply at what I like to do and what I honestly would love to do as a career.

So the next step after getting that answer is to start taking the steps to make it happen.

Are you certified/ What qualifies you?

Currently I am not NAPO Certified (National Association of Professional Organizers). I would love to be, but it’s cost prohibitive in this stage of the game for me.

Instead my best qualifications come from a lifetime of having a passion and skill at getting things together, keeping organized and the love of working out systematic solutions to problems. In all the years of working for various companies and employers, I have also found myself in the (sometimes unofficial) role of Project Manager and Administrator. Not because it was the “unwanted” role, but because I had a knack for getting things organized and keeping projects running smoothly. Being a Professional Organizer and a Project Manager are not so different from each other. One is more centered on physical spaces and physical systems, while the other can be more abstract and have to do with tasks and timing.

A successful Project Manager requires the ability to setup a system, maintain the system, keep your focus on the Big Picture vision while still being able to handle the nitty-gritty details. All of this in order to bring the end result of completed project and satisfied client, or help bring balance, productivity and efficiency to a ongoing project in a team situation. As a Professional Organizer, these same requirements apply.

And to top it off, I have a degree in Environmental Design (which encompases Architecture and also overall design). This has uniquely positioned me in helping others visualize their space, see the Big Picture on what the function is for an area and then take the next steps in getting organized.

So, I’m interested! What can you do for me?

I am currently offering Professional Organizing Services for your home, your home-based business or small business. I can help you start the process of getting organized, reclaim order, give you tips and tools to be more efficient and find balance in work, home and life. Whether you’re local (I can make a trip for a in person consultation) or halfway around the world (you’d be surprised what a couple of photos and an online consultation can do), I can help you get started in asking yourself the right questions, giving you helpful tips and suggestions for your space, pointing you in the right direction on how to get started and then successfully move you in the process of getting organized.

If you’re interested, please contact me. And Happy New Year of Organizing (for you and me)!


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